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                     TV Writing


THE WOOHOOS! - Snipple Originals - head writer for this brand new super-cute comedy animation for Milkshake!

LET'S GO, BANANAS! - 9Story - hilarious forthcoming animated sitcom for preschoolers.

ISADORA MOON - Kelebek Media - having a magical time writing for this beautiful forthcoming series for Sky Kids.

NUMBERBLOCKS - Blue Zoo / CBeebies - two episodes of this unique and ingenious maths animation series.

SUPERTATO - CBeebies - Head Writer for this fantastic and highly nourishing superhero-vegetable animation series, based on Sue Hendra's and Paul Linnet's outstanding books.

RHYME TIME TOWN - Netflix/DreamWorks Animation Television

I was Head Writer/Story Editor on this adorable animation series for preschool children, showing now on Netflix.


I worked as the Head Writer on both series of this fantastic high-octane CG show, working with a brilliant team of comedy writers and the awesome production teams at CBBC, Beano Studios and Jellyfish Animation.

PIP AND POSY- Magic Light Pictures

I'm on the writing team of this beautiful, British Animation Award-winning series, made by Magic Light Pictures for Milkshake and Sky.

RASTAMOUSE - CBeebies/The Rastamouse Company

I wrote 13 episodes of this irie stop-motion show, based on the crucial and beautiful books by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster. Rastamouse has twice won Best Pre-School Programme at the Broadcast Awards, and was nominated for the Best Pre-School Animation Bafta in 2011 and 2012.

THE FURCHESTER HOTEL - Sesame Street/CBeebies

I'm delighted to have written two episodes of this brilliant comedy show. A hotel run by monsters, what's not to love?!

DOG LOVES BOOKS - Komixx Entertainment/CBeebies

I've written two episodes of this fantastically off-beat comedy animation that celebrates two of my favourite things ever - books and dogs.


I wrote two scripts for this super-cute physical comedy show, full of hippo-tastic slapstick fun.


I was proud to don the hard hat and high-vis, and get to work constructing new episodes of this rebooted classic show.

BITZ AND BOB - Fremantle/CBeebies

I've written four episodes of this inspiring and inventive new animation about Bitz and her little brother Bob's engineering adventures.


Smash-hit geographic adventure series. I've written for all three series, and my episodes take the team to amazing locations like Mount Everest, Petra, the White Cliffs of Dover and Kazakhstan's spectacular Valley of Balls.


I loved writing for this brilliantly bonkers comedy show starring the hugely talented Justin Fletcher, and Steven Kynman as his long-suffering robo-butler Robert.


TREE FU TOM - CBeebies/Fremantle

I wrote 13 episodes of this magical interactive animation show. Tree Fu Go!


TOPSY & TIM - CBeebies/Darrall Macqueen

Groundbreaking and massively popular pre-school drama series. I wrote the episodes "Big Box" and "Nursery Photo."


FLOOGALS - Sprout/The Foundation

High-octane alien comedy adventure, CG/live action mix, airing in the UK on Milkshake, and on Sprout in the USA. My 13 episodes show these tiny extra-terrestrial explorers having close encounters with bananas, tortoises, tin foil and a range of other fascinating Earth phenomena.




JAM's brilliant new comedy series started airing in 2017. My episode "Little Roy Blue" sees 5-year-old cartoon boy Roy coming face-to-face with a whole spectrum of emotions.



RUFF-RUFF, TWEET AND DAVE - Sprout/CBeebies/Collingwood & Co

Adorable interactive animation show. My 8 episodes send the three friends off on (among others) "A Happy Adventure," "A Puzzle Adventure" and "A Robot Adventure."


LET'S PLAY - CBeebies

My episode of this live-action/green screen comedy show sends Rebecca back in time to Ancient Rome, where she has to help a Roman interior designer appease the mega-demanding Emperor Stroppicus Maximus.



I wrote two instalments of this mathematical toon mayhem: the high-speed road trip "Billy and Champer's Big Adventure" and the dance-off extravaganza "Feet Don't Fail Me Now!"


TILLY & FRIENDS -  CBeebies/JAM Media

Beautiful animation series based on Polly Dunbar's much-loved picture books. My episodes are "Hector's Hushy House" and "Everyone Wants Tiptoe."

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images (c) copyright of: CBeebies; CBBC; Dreamworks Animation Television; Beano Studios; Boomerang; Sprout; Zodiak/TheFoundation; Mattel; Beano/Jellyfish Animation; JAM Media; Giant Animation; Fremantle;The Rastamouse Company; Darrall Macqueen; Collingwood & Co; Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet; Snipple Originals

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